ConstructPH cost estimation services provide clients with accurate project budget proposal with up to latest material price list to make sure that the clients can get the most savings they deserve while still following the given design and drawings by various architectural and engineering experts.

Our experts provide building cost estimates from architectural, civil, mechanical, electrical up to fire protection projects with cost analysis and complete work breakdown including the material and labor cost for each scope.

And to help you accurately estimate and forecast the structure costs, we offer a range of capabilities, including;

  • Providing a complete and detailed list of the scope of work from various trades
  • Inclusive of materials needed and area affected in the scope of works
  • Competitive cost estimation prices to win the bidding of the structure
  • Reliable and Fast delivery of prices based on the need of the client
  • Can handle small projects such as fit-out works, basic steelworks, and retrofitting works and can-do large-scale structures such as malls, condominiums, residential and commercial buildings
  • Providing detailed equipment lists with mechanical, electrical, and size specifications, horsepower, quantity, and installation costs for MEFPS work
  • Can provide standard material specifications for civil and architectural works

We offer you the competitive advantages associated with our years of experience with commercial and residential projects around the Philippines. We have:

  • Strong vendor and contractor relationship for various specialized materials such as roof framing, waterproofing membrane, floor coating, and many more.
  • An extensive database of equipment and material prices based on years of proven project experience, to ensure your budgets are based on accurate data
  • A familiarity with local site costs including labor and supplies in various geographic market locations, allowing you to account for regional differences.
  • An understanding of the importance of including detailed power, water, and permitting costs in the economic model for increased accuracy of the results

Cost estimation by experts will minimize cost and schedule variations during the construction of your building project. We have the proven experience to provide you with an adequate estimate for your needs.

Contact CPH for the assurance that you get the right estimates, when and where you need it most.



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