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The Best Type of Metal Roof for Residential Roofing

The Best Type of Metal Roof for Residential Roofing

So you’re looking for a metal roof to cover your house, porch, or other structure. If you’re like the thousands of other homeowners who want a metal roof, you’re definitely curious about the best metal roof system.

Metal roof systems of both sorts have a place in the roofing industry. However, there is one that is the finest option for home use.

Let’s look at which metal roof system is best for residential roofing and how it differs from the others.

Which metal roof is right for your residential home? 

Metal roof systems come in two varieties: standing seam and screw down panel. Remember that while both metal roof types have their uses in the roofing business, a standing seam metal roof is the ideal option for residential applications.

The fundamental reason for this is the ability of the two types of metal roofs to expand.

A standing seam metal roof system, for example, has panels that are fastened together at the seams (ribs) or mechanically seamed. Under each rib is a clip that holds the panels together while allowing them to move freely when the metal expands and contracts.

Screws are screwed right through the panel to install a screw-down panel metal roof system (also known as an exposed fastener). This eliminates the possibility of expansion and contraction.

Because there is no room for the screws to expand and compress, they will eventually fall out of the holes in the metal panels, and you will have to pay to replace the screws with the next size up on a regular basis.

Can you put a screw-down metal roof on your house? Yes. It will, however, be more expensive to maintain and more prone to roof leaks.

3 more advantages a standing seam metal roof has over a screw down panel metal roof

You now understand why a standing seam metal roof is the best option for residential roofing. However, it has more benefits over a screw-down metal roof than simply being able to expand and contract freely.

1. The painted finish on the standing seam metal roof’s panels

The metal panels on a standing seam metal roof have a painted coating called Kynar 500. This painted surface protects your metal panels from the wear and tear that a roof suffers over time, ensuring the lifespan that you expect from a metal roof.

However, Kynar 500 not only preserves the metal panels, but it also prevents the paint from fading as your roof ages. This is especially significant because you select a certain color to give your metal roof the desired aesthetic and curb appeal.

Only standing seam metal roofs receive the Kynar 500 painted finish. If you choose a screw down metal roof, you will still have color options, but the painted finish will fade much faster and will not last as long.

2. A standing seam metal roof doesn’t require much maintenance

Every roof requires maintenance to ensure that it functions properly during its lifespan. The amount of maintenance required for your roof, however, is determined by the sort of roofing material you select.

A significant advantage of a standing seam metal roof is that it requires less maintenance than other types of roofs. After installation, no maintenance is necessary except at penetrations such as vent pipes, gas lines, and so on.

Aside from that, the only other general maintenance required is cleaning, which is a personal preference for each customer. Screws in a screw down metal panel, on the other hand, must be replaced every 5 years to prevent leaks or before a strong storm tears the entire metal roof off.

3. The lifespan of a standing seam metal roof

The lifespan of your roof is the number of years it will last. Consider it your return on the investment you invested on your roof.

The resilience and lifespan of a standing seam metal roof are significant advantages over other types of roofs. The Kynar 500 painted finish on the metal panels on your new standing seam metal roof comes with a 30-year paint warranty.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get through the paint warranty and get 30 years out of your standing seam metal roof if it’s put properly. However, just because the paint’s warranty has expired does not indicate the painted finish will vanish after 30 years.

Your new standing seam metal roof might last up to 50 years in perfect conditions. A screw down panel metal roof, on the other hand, may last for 20 years.

It could be extended to 30 years with proper maintenance. But keep in mind that if you want to get the most out of it, you’ll need to pay someone to replace the screws every 5 years.

How much do the two types of metal roofs cost? 

Even though a standing seam metal roof system is preferred for residential applications, a screw down metal roof system is also available. When making your decision, take in mind everything we stated in this post.

But there’s one more thing you should know before making that decision. The prices of the two types of metal roof systems.

The cost of any sort of roof is always a major consideration in a homeowner’s decision-making process. That’s why we’d like to assist you even further by comparing the costs of a standing seam metal roof vs. a screw down panel metal roof.

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