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Can Wood Wall Panels be Guaranteed Used Outside?

Can Wood Wall Panels be Guaranteed Used Outside?

Undoubtedly, during the past two years, our gardens and outside areas have evolved into extensions of our houses, providing us with a much-needed private haven where we may escape the happenings of the “real world.”

Like so many other consumer trends, the demand for outdoor garden furniture, hot tubs, and barbecues has significantly increased, which has led to a shortage of gas bottles across the country!

These purchasing patterns, along with the regular inquiries we receive at The Wood Veneer Hub about which of our wooden wall panels can be used outdoors, have been glaring indicators of how much time individuals are spending in their own gardens and outdoor spaces.

Previously thought of as an outdoor area to be planted with flowers and bushes, this area is now used for entertaining and as such must look the part!

Although large bi-fold doors leading off from a kitchen, dining room, or living room undoubtedly enclose the exterior areas, creating a seamless connection between the inside of your home and your outdoor space isn’t always that simple. Instead, the most harmonious interior and exterior spaces always share a common element.

One of the best ways to assure continuity between any two adjoining areas is through color, but instead of being restricted to choosing a green interior to mimic nature’s color palette, the simplest approach to establish a link is through the materials that you select.

While the bulk of our collections are only appropriate for indoor usage, one of Wood Veneer Hub’s most recent collections can also be used outdoors.

Eco-Slat, a very lifelike wood plastic composite (WPC) wallcovering, is an environmentally responsible substitute for genuine wood.

wood wall

Eco-Slat is elegant-looking and offers streamlined looks together with color homogeneity, finite standardization of dimensions, and simplicity of installation.

Each panel is made from waste materials from the woodworking industry that are recycled and combined with thermoplastic resins to produce a material that is 100% sustainable, extremely robust, and water resistant, making it ideal for usage outside.

Eco-Slat is a raised slat product that may be used in both residential and commercial settings. It has four different linear patterns with small self-colored channels separating each elevated slat.

To achieve a uniform appearance across the entire surface of the walls and to closely resemble some of the other wall paneling ranges in The Wood Veneer Hub portfolio, these are fixed using an interlocking, “snap-together” design.


There is sure to be a colorway to suit your preferences and even the exterior of your home, as well as one that will go well with any of the other interior use wall paneling collections, including Orac Décor®, TimberStik, and Acupanel® of Wood Veneer Hub.

Like all of our ranges, “Eco-Slat” is offered in three-meter lengths and can be installed both horizontally and vertically, allowing you the opportunity to customize both the interior and exterior of your home.

With Eco-Slat, the outside wall paneling that is environmentally friendly and only offered by The Wood Veneer Hub, you can effortlessly transform your outdoor living spaces.

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