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Cement Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

Cement Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

A cement is a substance used in construction that sets, hardens, and binds to other materials to form a bond. Cement is typically used to bind sand and gravel together rather than on its own. Masonry mortar is made from cement mixed with fine aggregate, while concrete is made from sand and gravel.

Cement is primarily used as a binder in concrete, which is a foundation material for all types of construction, including housing, roads, schools, hospitals, dams, and ports, as well as for decorative applications (patios, floors, staircases, driveways, pool decks) and items such as tables, sculptures, and bookcases.

Cement is made by combining calcium, silica, aluminum, iron, and other components in a well controlled chemical reaction. Limestone, shells, and chalk or marl are common cement-making materials, as are shale, clay, slate, blast furnace slag, silica sand, and iron ore.

Despite the fact that the phrases cement and concrete are sometimes used interchangeably, cement is a component of concrete. Concrete is essentially a paste and aggregate mixture. Sand and gravel or crushed stone are the aggregates, while water and Portland cement make up the paste. Concrete becomes stronger as it ages.

Carbon steel of the highest quality is used to create concrete nails with twilled shanks. It has strong strength and good corrosion resistance. with twilled shanks and circular nail tops. These high-quality iron nails have a smooth shank and no head and are constructed of cold-drawn carbon steel with strong galvanization.

The table below shows the latest retail February 2024 prices of Cement in Philippines Peso price per pieces including size, type and specification

Standard Price and Brand of Cement per pc in the Philippines

BIG BOSS280.00
BIG BOSS265.00

UPDATED: Construction Material Prices for Cement in the Philippines (February 2024)

UPDATED: All Construction Prices are based on retail prices around hardware in Metro Manila

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