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“Yes po Ma’am, magpapalitada na po kame bukas. Ano yun palitada? Di ba sabe ko magplastering na kayo? Ano daw may kapak?”. Sometimes in a construction you will words that are most commonly used, well, within a construction area.

And most of the time, you will not understand the things they ask, do, and talk about since most of the words are mainly used in the construction.

This is a basic Filipino construction terms guide to help you understand what your local construction personnel is saying so that you will not be cheated on later or just know what they are saying.


Pulgada – Inches

Piye – Feet

Media Cana – Quarter Round

Medya – Half Inch

Krokis – Sketch Plan

Plantsa – Sheet

Bolada – Projection

Balangkas – Framework

cove ceiling design in filipino construction


Kapatas – Foreman

Arkitekto – Architect

Inhinyero – Engineer

Pintor – Painter

Karpintero – Carpenter

Latero – Tinsmith

Kontratista – Contractor

Electrisista – Electrician

Kantero – Mason

Piyon – Laborer


Masilya – Putty

Abang – Dowel

Libel – To put in a Level

Rebokada – Scratch Coat

Palitada – Plaster or Stucco

Porma – Formworks

Plantilya – Pattern Schedule

Nanariwa or Papanariwain – Refurbish

Eskumbro – Earthfill

Tapal or Dagdag – Filler

Unosinotra – Alternate / Staggered

Paupo – Mortar

Tambak – Fill

Hulugan – To plump

Monyeka – Varnish

Piketa – Pick Work

Tapon – Plug

Hinang – Solder

Bolada – Overhung or Projection

Lastillas – Sand and Gravel Mixture

Ampao – Honeycomb Air Pockets

Klebe o Bahada – Slope

Kapak – Hollow portion in tiles

Salansanin – Put everything on order

Cerrujo – Wastage from tiles

Hulog or Nasa Hulog – Wall are Vertically Aligned

Tambol – False wall or Board up to cover imperfections or pipes / Build up mass for wall or ceiling/cladding

Zocalo – built up hollow blocks in one or more layers

Kanal – To groove in a surface

Eskwalado – Two surfaces at right angles

Pilarete – Vertical Stud

Pabalagbag or Trabe Anzo – Horizontal Stud

Kanto Mesa – Miter joint

Mesa or Mesita – Landing

Kustura – Mortar Joint

Kostura – Mortar Joists

Baitang – Tread

Takip or Silipan – Riser

Tuyong Kahoy – Kiln Dried

Kalinya – Aligned

Biento – Spacing

Vaciada – Rabbet

Haspe – Wood Grain

Media Agua – Awning

ceiling works in filipino construction


Bisagra – Hinge

Graba – Gravel

Sombrero Pintuan – Door head

Hamba Pintuan – Door Jamb

Hiero Canalado Galbanisado – Corrugated G.I. Sheet

Ladrillo – Brick

Kabilya – Reinforcing Bars

Buhangin – Sand

Prigadero – Sink

Barandillas or Verandillas – Balusters

Rodapis – Baseboard

Banera – Bath Tub

Liyabe – Adobe Anchor

Eskondro – Crushed Stone

Gripo – Faucet

Dotal – Floor Boards

Guililan – Floor Stills

De Bandeha – Panel Door

Pierno – Bolt

Rimatse – Rivet

Turnilyo – Screw

Pamakuan – Nailer

Punsol – Nail Setter

Panghinang – Soldering Iron

Lababo – Lavatory

Inidoro – Toilet Bowl

Martilyo – Hammer

Pako – Nail

Rodelang Bakal – Metal Trowel

Roskas – Screw Thread

Ducha – Showerhead

Pergola – Trellis

Tansi – Nylon used to Align

Bakal de Kadena – Chain Bolt

Sinturon – Collar Plate

Baldosa – Cement Tiles

Pasamano – Window Sill

Espolon – Cabinet Hinge

Plancha or Andamio – Scaffolding

Senepa – Fascia Board

Moldura – Moulding

Poleya – Wiring Knob

Tabla – Wood Plank

Chapa – Washer (Iron)

Pondido Hiero – Cast Iron

Bangguera or Bangguerahan – Dish Rack

Dulang – Low Table

Trankilya – Barrel Bolt

Prigadero – Kitchen Sink

Hulog – Plumb Bob

Batioura – Astragal

Dutcha – Shower

Alahado – Flush

Estaka – Stake


Alulod – Gutter

Tubo de Banada – Downspout

Bubong – Roof

Poso Negro – Septic Tank

Hagdan – Stairs

Madre Madrina – Stringer

Madre de Escalera – Stringer (Closed)

Hardinera – Stringer (Open)

Kisame – Ceiling

Larga Masa – Concrete Slab

Haligi – Post

Biga – Beam

Kilo – Truss

Pasamano – Handrail

Barandilya or Panrehasiya or Gabay – Railings

Perlina or Reostra– Purlin

Sibe or Alero – Eave

Quatro Aguas – Hip Roof

Dos Aguas – Gable Roof

Kostilyahe – Ceiling Joist

Suleras – Floor Joist

Sahig or Suelo – Flooring

Barakilan or Tirante – Bottom Chord

Prases – Queen Post

Bagad – Wall Post

Sepo – Girt

Kabalete – Ridge Wall

Tabike – Exterior Siding

Pie de Gallo – Brace

bare space in filipino construction


Banyo – Bathroom

Kwarto – Bedroom

Patio – Courtyard

Kanto – Corridor

Dispensa – Pantry

Sala – Dining Room

Cocina – Kitchen

Comedor – Dining Room

Caida – Hall

Azotea – Open Terrace

Bodega – Stockroom


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