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Cutoff Saw Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

Cutoff Saw Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

What is Cutoff Saw?

Cutoff Saw or also known as abrasive saw or chop saw, is a construction power tool mainly used to cut hard materials such as wood, metal, tiles and concrete.

What is an Abrasive saw?

Abrasive saws, also known as cut-off saws or chop saws, are circular saws (a type of power tool) used to cut hard materials such as metals, tile, and concrete.

An abrasive disc, comparable to a thin grinding wheel, performs the cutting action.

Technically, this is not a saw because it does not cut with regularly shaped edges (teeth).

Do cutoff saw have variety?

These saws come in a variety of sizes and configurations, including table top, free hand, and walk behind types.

The cutting wheel and motor are installed on a pivoting arm coupled to a fixed base plate in table top variants, which are widely used to cut tile and metal.

Table top saws are frequently electrically driven and typically have a vise or other clamping device.

On construction sites, free hand designs are commonly used to cut concrete, asphalt, and tubing.

They are built with the handles and motor close to the operator and the blade at the other end of the saw.

Because the materials being cut are larger and heavier, free hand saws do not have a vise.

What are saws made of?

Abrasive saws commonly use composite friction disk blades to cut steel abrasively.

The disks are consumable commodities because they wear out during the cut.

These saws’ abrasive disks are normally 14 in (360 mm) in diameter and 764 in (2.8 mm) thick. Blades with 410 mm (16 in) diameter are used in larger saws. Steel and stainless steel disks are available.

Super abrasive (i.e., diamond and cubic boron nitride or CBN) blades for abrasive saws survive longer and produce less dangerous particulate matter than traditional abrasive materials.

cutoff saw

Super abrasive materials are most typically used for cutting concrete, asphalt, and tile, but they can also be used to cut ferrous metals.

First, the miter saw which is typically used in woodworking.

The second is abrasive saw which is used to cut hard materials such as metals, tiles or ceramic.

The table below shows the latest retail May 2024 prices of Cutoff Saw in Philippines Peso price per pieces including brand, version and specification.

Price and Specification of Cutoff Saw per pc in the Philippines

SawBOSCHGCO 220 14″2200W6500.00
SawGCO 14-24J HEAVY DUTY2400W11800.00
SawDEWALTD28730 14″ 355 mm ABRASIVE CUT OFF2300W8200.00
SawMAKITA2414-355 mm PORTABLE 14″2000W20000.00
Saw2414NB 14″2000W8000.00
Saw2416S 16″ HEAVY DUTY1430W22500.00
Saw4131 7-1/4″1100W16000.00
SawLC1230 12″1750W18800.00
SawLW1401 14″2200W8500.00
SawM2401M 14″2000W6800.00
STANLEYSSC22 14″2200W6800.00
Price and Specification of Cutoff Saw per pc in the Philippines

UPDATED: Construction Material Prices for Cutoff Saw in the Philippines (May 2024)

UPDATED: All Construction Prices are based on retail prices around hardware in Metro Manila

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