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GI Sheet Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

GI Sheet Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

GI sheet is an abbreviation for galvanized iron sheet. It is a type of steel sheet that has been zinc-coated to prevent corrosion and extend its service life. Galvanized plain sheets and galvanized profile sheets are available on the market. There are two types of galvanized steel sheets: hot-dip galvanized sheets and electro-galvanized steel sheets. Because of its superior corrosion resistance and attractive appearance

What Is Galvanized Iron Sheet?

Galvanized iron sheet is a building material constructed of mild steel sheet and coated on the surface with a coating of zinc. Galvanizing is a common anti-rust technique that is both inexpensive and effective. It has a smooth, shiny surface with enormous spangles, regular spangles, little spangles, or no spangles.

Weight=7.85length (m)width (m)*thickness (mm)+weight of zinc layer for galvanized sheet. (Steel density = 7.85 g/cm3)

Also, These sheets are available in hot dip galvanized and electro-galvanized steel. The zinc coating creates a continuous barrier that prevents moisture and oxygen from reaching the steel. It reacts with the environment to protect the base steel.

Galvanizing improves the corrosion resistance of steel sheets by several orders of magnitude. Zinc-based coatings provide corrosion protection due to the galvanic effect, as zinc is anodic to iron, acting as a sacrificial metal in an aqueous or humid environment.

Two Types of Metal Sheet

Metal sheets used in construction are of two types: galvanized iron or G.I. as well as the Black Iron (B.I.) Sheet.

The G.I. Sheet is a rust-resistant metal sheet coated with protective metallic and organic coatings. This is very popular in the automobile, wind, and solar industries. Meanwhile, the B.I. Copper and aluminum are used to make sheet. It is extensively utilized in the construction of gates and gutters.

The table below shows the latest retail September 2023 prices of GI Sheet in Philippine Peso price per pieces including its size and specs.

Price and Standard Sizes of GI Sheet per pc in the Philippines

Gauge 24850.00
Gauge 221305.00
Gauge 201465.00
Gauge 181750.00
Gauge 162000.00
Gauge 142600.00
Standard Sizes of GI Sheet per pc in the Philippines

The standard size of sheet or plate is 4 feet by 8 feet.

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UPDATED: All Construction Prices are based on retail prices around hardware in Metro Manila

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