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Good Lumber Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippine’s Prices

Good Lumber Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippine’s Prices

What is a Lumber?

Lumber refers to wood that has been processed and cut into standardized sizes for use in construction and other applications.

It is a common term used to describe various types of timber or wood that have been sawn or split from logs.

Lumber is a crucial material in the construction industry and is used for framing buildings, making furniture, crafting wooden structures, and more.

What is the process of Wood Production?

The process of producing lumber involves cutting, drying, and sometimes treating the wood to enhance its durability and resistance to decay or pests.

Different types of lumber can be derived from various tree species, each with its own characteristics and suitability for different purposes.

Common types of lumber include softwoods like pine, fir, and cedar, as well as hardwoods like oak, maple, and cherry.

The choice of lumber depends on the intended use and specific requirements of the project.

What is Wood good for?

Good lumber for construction should exhibit several key characteristics to ensure its suitability for the intended purpose.

First and foremost, it must possess adequate strength to support structural loads and withstand various stresses.

The strength of lumber is influenced by factors such as wood species, density, and grain patterns.

Additionally, durability is crucial, with certain wood species like cedar and redwood naturally offering high resistance to decay and pests.


The lumber should also be straight and stable, minimizing warping, twisting, or bowing, which facilitates easier construction and contributes to a stable final product.

Proper moisture content is essential to prevent post-installation changes in dimensions.

The grain pattern, whether straight and uniform for structural applications or aesthetically interesting for other purposes, impacts both strength and appearance.

If the lumber is exposed to outdoor elements or potential pests, consideration of treatment, such as pressure-treated wood, is vital.

Price and Standard Sizes of Good Lumber Per Pieces in the Philippines

Good Lumber (Kindry)2x2x8210.00
Good Lumber (Kindry)2x2x10365.00
Good Lumber (Kindry)2x2x12310.00
Good Lumber (Kindry)2x3x8350.00
Good Lumber (Kindry)2x3x10420.00
Good Lumber (Kindry)2x3x12385.00
Good Lumber (Kindry)2x4x8480.00
Good Lumber (Kindry)2x4x10520.00
Good Lumber (Kindry)2x4x12580.00
Good Lumber (Ordinary / Rough)2x2x8150.00
Good Lumber (Ordinary / Rough)2x2x10200.00
Good Lumber (Ordinary / Rough)2x2x12215.00
Good Lumber (Ordinary / Rough)2x3x8250.00
Good Lumber (Ordinary / Rough)2x3x10260.00
Good Lumber (Ordinary / Rough)2x3x12300.00
Good Lumber (Ordinary / Rough)2x4x8330.00
Good Lumber (Ordinary / Rough)2x4x10380.00
Good Lumber (Ordinary / Rough)2x4x12440.00
Price and Standard Sizes of Good Lumber per pcs in the Philippines

UPDATED: Construction Material Prices for Good Lumber in the Philippines (March 2024)

UPDATED: All Construction Prices are based on retail prices around hardware in Metro Manila

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