Guaranteed Benefits of Terrazzo Floor and Wall Tiles

When it was found how to use old and unwanted marble shards, terrazzo tiles were created in Europe many years ago. Terrazzo floor tiles initially constructed of clay and stone scraps gained popularity all over the world and swiftly replaced marble as the material of choice for the affluent. Many historic buildings still have Terrazzo tiles that are in perfect condition hundreds of years after they were installed.

  • Terrazzo is Highly Durable
  • Terrazzo is Environmentally-Friendly
  • Terrazzo Floor Tiles Can be Used Indoors and Outdoors

1. Terrazzo is Highly Durable

One of the most durable flooring options on the market right now is terrazzo. Once sealed, these tiles are impervious to contact with moisture, stains, and impact damage. Terrazzo may be easily restored to its original state if it starts to seem worn over time. Terrazzo is a feasible solution for architects and commercial applications due to its exceptional capacity to endure high foot traffic.

2. Terrazzo is Environmentally-Friendly

Terrazzo is regarded as a “green” or environmentally friendly building material. This is because composite pieces made from recycled materials were used in its production. In addition to cement, elements including discarded marble fragments, quartz, granite chips, porcelain, crushed rock, river pebbles, and even recycled glass are used in its production.

A healthy alternative for families, terrazzo mix also has a low volatile organic compound (VOC) level, which enhances overall air quality.

3. Terrazzo Floor Tiles Can be Used Indoors and Outdoors

Due to their durability and capacity to withstand water and stains, terrazzo tiles can be put both inside and outside. It’s a useful alternative for tiling around swimming pools as well as for moist areas in the home. It’s crucial to remember that cement terrazzo is favored for outdoor settings, whilst epoxy terrazzo will work better indoors.

Using Terrazzo Tiles in The Home

Today, terrazzo floor tiles are made in a variety of color schemes, including neutral and striking hues, to suit all tastes. This product is offered in slab form in addition to tile, making it possible to utilize it as a striking countertop in a bathroom or kitchen.

Tiles made of terrazzo are suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas of the house. Their understated texture offers enduring and lovely accents for the home’s walls and floors.

Commercial Use of Terrazzo Floor Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are excellent for use in commercial projects as well as the household because of how resilient they are and how well they handle heavy foot traffic. An illustration of this is the Melbourne International Airport, which recently underwent renovations that included the installation of terrazzo floor tiles. Terrazzo floor tiles’ inherent toughness, impact resistance, and non-slip qualities have transformed Melbourne Airport into a stunning, useful, and secure area for travelers.

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