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I-Beam Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

I-Beam Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

I Beam are rolled steel joist, or double-T that is shaped in I main commonly used as columns and beams for structural buildings such as residential and commercial. They are widely used as they are easier to assemble and build as compared with concrete poured columns and beams.

An I-beam is made up of two horizontal planes known as flanges that are joined by a single vertical component. The form of the connection generates an uppercase “I” in the cross section. Unlike H beams, which are formed identically, an I beam’s upper and lower flanges have a slope, making the flanges thin on the outside and thick on the inside. The load bearing capacities of H beams are hampered by the lack of slope on the upper and lower flanges.

Although alternative steel standards might be utilized for specialized applications, such as framing, bridges, and certain constructions, I beams are typically made of structural steel. I beams employ the least amount of material while yet obtaining the appropriate shape and function to execute their load bearing obligations due to their small cross section area (known as the web). The I beam’s shape allows it to flex rather than buckle under load. I beams are made up of only one piece of rolled steel when constructed, making them a cost-effective option.

Also, I beam is a construction structural steel form that is also known as H, W, broad, universal beam, or rolling joist. They are intended to perform an important function as a structure’s support member. These beams are designed to sustain a variety of loads.

In structural steel construction, I beams are frequently the most important support trusses. Huge constructions, such as warehouses and large buildings, are usually typically built with I beams. Because the I beam can carry enormous loads, it can assure the structural integrity of the structure without the need for additional structural supports, which would increase the project’s cost and construction time. I beams are cost-effective since they don’t require a lot of steel and have a wide range of uses. Because of its composition, I beams are resistant to aging and are easily adaptable to structural additions and adjustments. Because of their strength, cost efficiency, and adaptability, I beams are continually in demand.

I beams are known as universal beams because they can withstand a wide range of loads when employed horizontally as the support system for heavy duty columns and may be utilized in a number of structural steel frameworks.

The composition and size of I beams are used to classify them. They are available in a range of weights, sizes, and web thicknesses (the connection points). Builders will assess the requirements of their project and select an I beam that meets those requirements, such as deflection, vibration, bend, buckling, and tension.

Because of their form, I beams are engineered to withstand bending, vibration, yielding, and reflection. I beams are typically low in weight and can span approximately 100 feet. Buyers will inform the fabricator of the dimensions required for the project when buying I beams.

The table below shows the latest retail February 2024 prices of I-Beam in Philippines Peso price per pieces including its size dimension.

Price and Standard Sizes of I-Beam Metal in the Philippines

W8 X 185560.00
W8 x 246840.00
W8 x 319200.00
W10 x 2013000.00
W10 x 2216400.00
W10 x 3322000.00
W12 x 3021500.00
W8 x 218500.00
W6 x 4 #913500.00
W6 x 4 #1214800.00
W6 x 4 #1616600.00
Price and Standard Sizes of I-Beam Metal in the Philippines

UPDATED: Construction Material Prices for I-Beams in the Philippines (February 2024)

UPDATED: All Construction Prices are based on retail prices around hardware in Metro Manila

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      1. I-beam 3.5” x 3.5” x 3mm – 2 pcs

      2. I-beam roller 5 tons capacity – 1 pc

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