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Labor Costs Guaranteed Best Construction Rate in the Philippines

Labor Costs Guaranteed Best Construction Rate in the Philippines

One of the greatest need in the construction are the personnel and workers as without them you will not be able to complete any projects from small houses to large condominiums.

At construction sites, construction workers do physical chores to help tradespeople and other contractors finish projects on time. They have to prepare the area for heavy machinery, erect and take down scaffolding, and clean up the area after projects are finished.

As per DOLE “The Labor Code and its Implementing Regulations allow the contracting out of jobs under certain conditions. Where such job contracting is permissible, the construction workers are generally considered as employees of the contractor or sub- contractor, as the case may be, subject to Art.:.

As Philippines is more inclined to using people rather than heavy machinery and large equipment, you will find a lot of people willing to be workers which tends to lower their price.

But please take note of these prices as these are the minimum standard set by Department of Labor for each worker depending on their skills and capabilities. You can still negotiate with your chosen skilled worker about their rate and the payment procedure if it is daily (arawan) or bulk (pakyawan).

Also, in the Philippines, you can find skilled workers with all around skills that is fairly less as compared to specific trade workers. Just be sure that you can check their quality of work from time to time since most do not have enough skills to be called “skilled worker”.

The table below shows the latest retail April 2023 Labor Rates in Philippines Peso price per sqm including if you are in National Capital Region Metro Manila or Provincial.

Minimum Wage set by DOLE for Philippine Construction Workers (Skilled or Non-Skilled)

Heavy Equipment Operator (Backhoe)780.00620.00
Heavy Equipment Operator (Crane)780.00620.00
Heavy Equipment Operator (Dump Truck)780.00620.00
Steelman / Welder560.00500.00
Fitter / Installer530.00470.00
Minimum wage of construction workers in the Philippines (Skilled or Not Skilled)

UPDATED: Construction Labor Rates in the Philippines (April 2023)

UPDATED: All Labor Rates are based on the standard cost of each personnel. Please do not lower their prices as it is the minimum salary an employee should have.

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