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Mechanical Duct Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

Mechanical Duct Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

What is a mechanical duct?

In HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), ducts are conduits or passageways that are used to distribute and remove air.

Examples of the necessary airflows are exhaust, return, and supply air. In addition, ventilation air is frequently delivered by ducts as supply air.

Typically, mild steel or aluminum are used to make HVAC ducts.

The most popular and conventional material for creating air conditioning and ventilation ductwork is galvanized mild steel, as its zinc coating keeps the metal from rusting and saves painting expenses.


Types of Ducts

Sheet Metal Duct

Air ducts made of aluminum or galvanized steel might be rectangular, oval, or spherical in shape.

HVAC ducting made of sheet metal is the most resilient and least likely to grow mold.

Metal air ducts, particularly galvanized steel with its zinc covering, are essentially impervious to rust.

Flex Duct

To put it simply, flex ducts are composed of a spiral of steel wire, covered in insulation and wrapped in polymer, a material that bends.

This type of ducting is lightweight, reasonably priced, and simple to install. In tight locations where more rigid ductwork is impractical, flex ducts come in handy.

Fiberboard Duct

This kind of duct has two layers: compressed, inorganic fiberglass that has been resin-bonded is covered in foil to keep out air and water vapor.

This air duct is usually the least priced, noise-reducing, and pre-insulated.

The drawback? Airflow is hindered by the rough fiberglass surface.

Old fiberboard ducts should be replaced right away since they haven’t been treated to stop mold or mildew.

Don’t try to clean ancient fiberboard ductwork if you think you may have some.

Fiberglass will be released from the surface damage and spread throughout your house.

The table below shows the latest retail May 2024 prices of Mechanical Duct, in Philippines Peso price per piece including its standard length and size

Price and Standard Size of Mechanical Duct per Meter in the Philippines

Flexible Duct150 mmAluminum1 meter280.00
Flexible Duct200 mmAluminum1 meter460.00
Flexible Duct250 mmAluminum1 meter580.00
Flexible Duct300 mmAluminum1 meter900.00
Spiral Duct100 mmGI1 meter300.00
Spiral Duct150 mmGI1 meter390.00
Spiral Duct200 mmGI1 meter560.00
Spiral Duct250 mmGI1 meter680.00
Spiral Duct300 mmGI1 meter850.00
Spiral Duct350 mmGI1 meter1000.00
Spiral Duct400 mmGI1 meter1200.00
Rectangular DuctW=150mm, H=100mmGI1 meter600.00
Rectangular DuctW=150mm, H=150mmGI1 meter630.00
Rectangular DuctW=200mm, H=150mmGI1 meter660.00
Rectangular DuctW=200mm, H=200mmGI1 meter710.00
Rectangular DuctW=250mm, H=200mmGI1 meter730.00
Rectangular DuctW=250mm, H=250mmGI1 meter810.00
Rectangular DuctW=250mm, H=300mmGI1 meter780.00
Rectangular DuctW=300mm, H=200mmGI1 meter880.00
Rectangular DuctW=300mm, H=250mmGI1 meter920.00
Rectangular DuctW=300mm, H=350mmGI1 meter980.00
Rectangular DuctW=350mm, H=200mmGI1 meter1100.00
Rectangular DuctW=350mm, H=250mmGI1 meter1200.00
Rectangular DuctW=350mm, H=300mmGI1 meter1200.00
Rectangular DuctW=350mm, H=350mmGI1 meter1000.00
Rectangular DuctW=350mm, H=450mmGI1 meter1200.00
Rectangular DuctW=400mm, H=300mmGI1 meter1300.00
Rectangular DuctW=400mm, H=350mmGI1 meter1300.00
Rectangular DuctW=450mm, H=150mmGI1 meter1380.00
Rectangular DuctW=450mm, H=300mmGI1 meter1400.00
Rectangular DuctW=450mm, H=350mmGI1 meter1420.00
Rectangular DuctW=450mm, H=400mmGI1 meter1460.00
Rectangular DuctW=500mm, H=300mmGI1 meter1300.00
Rectangular DuctW=500mm, H=350mmGI1 meter1350.00
Rectangular DuctW=500mm, H=400mmGI1 meter1380.00
Rectangular DuctW=500mm, H=450mmGI1 meter1400.00
Rectangular DuctW=550mm, H=550mmGI1 meter1420.00
Rectangular DuctW=600mm, H=400mmGI1 meter1450.00
Rectangular DuctW=600mm, H=450mmGI1 meter1500.00
Rectangular DuctW=600mm, H=600mmGI1 meter1550.00
Rectangular DuctW=600mm, H=850mmGI1 meter1600.00
Rectangular DuctW=650mm, H=500mmGI1 meter1650.00
Rectangular DuctW=650mm, H=550mmGI1 meter1680.00
Rectangular DuctW=650mm, H=600mmGI1 meter1700.00
Rectangular DuctW=700mm, H=700mmGI1 meter1720.00
Rectangular DuctW=750mm, H=250mmGI1 meter1750.00
Rectangular DuctW=800mm, H=700mmGI1 meter1800.00
Rectangular DuctW=950mm, H=800mmGI1 meter1850.00
Rectangular DuctW=1000mm, H=600mmGI1 meter2000.00
Rectangular DuctW=1800mm, H=600mmGI1 meter3500.00
Rectangular DuctW=1050mm, H=900mmGI1 meter4500.00
Price and Standard Size of Mechanical Duct per Meter in the Philippines

UPDATED: Construction Material Prices for Spiral Duct in the Philippines (May 2024)

UPDATED: All Construction Prices are based on retail prices around hardware in Metro Manila

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