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Multi Tool Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

Multi Tool Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

Multi Tool or most commonly known as oscillating tools are construction power tools that can handle variety of work and task. it is one of the most useful items you may have around the job site or workshop. You can complete a variety of activities with it that would be impossible with other instruments thanks to its versatility. Sanding, sawing drywall, metal, and wood, drilling sizable holes in hardwood, and undercutting doorways are all options. Additionally, you can cut trim for new floors, remove grout, and cut off nails and screws flush.

Multi tool has a wide range of brand and they can have varying wattage depending on the needs from small jobs to large tasks.

The device is intended for plunge cuts that are “impossible.” If you use the proper blade, it makes them simple. Multi-tools can be used for any task that requires a plunge cut, even though they are frequently used to cut holes in walls for electrical boxes.

A multi tool is one of the most popular When used over tiny areas, an oscillating multi-tool acts something like an orbital sander. You can use the oscillating multi-tool as a small detail sander by exchanging the blade attachment with the sanding attachment. It can be used for limited areas, but it cannot replace other portable sanders. We appreciate having control over the labor it entails. Another attachment is abrasive, which works well for scraping up small pieces of adhesive or grout.

An easy way to get rid of old paint, that “wonderful” old linoleum floor, mysterious muck, and more is with a multi-scraping tool’s blade. You can probably think of at least three applications for this feature right away. While you shouldn’t use an oscillating multi-tool to scrape the entire floor, it can be effective in close quarters.

The table below shows the latest retail Feb 2022 prices of Multi tool in Philippines Peso price per pieces including its brand, specification and maximum wattage.

Price and Specification of Multi Tool per pc in the Philippines

MAKITATM3000CX1 Oscillating320W7600.00
B-67511 Carpentry Blade Set3100.00
B-67480 Plunge Cut Blade Set3000.00
B-67505 Floor Blade Set2900.00
B-67496 Tile Blade Set3600.00
B-21799 – 93 mm Polishing Fleece100.00
B-65115 – 93 mm Sanding Pad100.00
B-65062 – 78 mm TC Sanding Plate1250.00
B-2151 Rift – 78 mm Sanding Plate1600.00
Price and Specification of Multi Tool per pc in the Philippines (including wattage)

UPDATED: Construction Material Prices for Multi tool in the Philippines (Feb 2022)

UPDATED: All Construction Prices are based on retail prices around hardware in Metro Manila

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