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Polisher are construction power tool mainly used to areas to make it shine and remove all remaining residues in the specific locations. It is mainly used in improving the overall surface of granite countertops, metal surfaces and even wood surfaces.

Depending on what you require for your property specifically, there are two main sorts of polishers. The rotary polisher and the dual action polisher are those two sorts. Professionals use the rotary polisher most frequently to polish and repair paintwork; the machine’s head revolves at a consistent pace and removes paint off any furniture and equipment in your home. While rotary dual action polishers can be quite effective, improper use could result in major harm like hologramming, surface burns, and buffer trails (or micro-marring).

On the other hand, dual action polishers are frequently more portable, lighter, and simpler to use. The head moves back and forth rather than rotating. This simulates the hand polishing process, but it does it considerably more quickly. This action prevents heat from forming between the polishing pad and paintwork, which helps to provide a smoother finish and reduces some of the risks associated with polishing your furniture.

Any fanatic’s toolkit must have dual action polishers, also referred to as DA polishers. Dual-action polishers, which are renowned for producing an excellent finish when used correctly, can help bring shine back to any areas of your home.

How to use Rotary Polisher?

The table below shows the latest retail September 2023 prices of Polisher in Philippines Peso price per pcs including its specification, brand and wattage.

Price and Specifications for Polisher per pc in the Philippines

MAKITA9227C 7″1200W11200.00
92037CB 180mm 7″1200W16480.00
9218PBL 180 7″700W13050.00
9218PBL 180 7″860W10630.00
PW5001C 100-125mm (4″-5″)900W17000.00
SA7000C 180mm 7″1600W9000.00
PO5000C 125mm 5″900W13200.00
DEWALTDWP849X 7″ / 9″ Variable Speed1250W8800.00
BOSCHGPO 950950W6200.00
MILLTECSH16 7″2200.00
Price and Specifications for Polisher per pc in the Philippines (including wattage)

UPDATED: Construction Material Prices for Polisher in the Philippines (September 2023)

UPDATED: All Construction Prices are based on retail prices around hardware in Metro Manila

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