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Ready Mixed Concrete Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

Ready Mixed Concrete Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

Concrete that is delivered from a central plant in batches rather than being mixed on the construction site is referred to as ready mixed. Each batch of pre-mixed concrete is custom-made to the contractor’s specifications and delivered to him or her in a plastic-like state, typically in the cylindrical vehicles commonly referred to as “cement mixers.”

Once it reaches the jobsite, ready-mixed concrete is frequently blended to ensure that the right slump is achieved. Remixed concrete, on the other hand, usually sets up more quickly than freshly mixed concrete. To ensure that the required qualities are met before installation, materials, such as water and various types of admixtures, are frequently added to the concrete at the jobsite after it has been batch-produced.

Concrete was first supplied by a horse-drawn mixer in 1909, which mixed concrete as it traveled to the jobsite using paddles moved by the cart’s wheels. The self-discharging motorized transit mixer that Columbus, Ohio’s Stephen Stepanian invented in 1916 served as the forerunner to the ready-mixed concrete truck we know today. The 1920s saw a decline in the quality of motor trucks, which hampered the development of better ready-mixed vehicles. Due to the availability of bigger trucks and better engines in the 1940s, ready-mixed concrete firms were able to meet the enormous demand for concrete brought on by World War II by increasing the capacity of their mixing drums.

Ready Mixed Concrete are highly used in high rise buildings as it tends to be better in spite of its higher cost.

Ready Mixed concrete offers a higher quality, different variations and good performance between batches when it is prepared in a plant environment.

Ready mix concrete can be purchased and mixed in three different types, with each type is determined by the specific mixture of ingredients.

Three Categories of Ready Mixed Concrete

When laying concrete in tiny batches or on an irregular schedule, ready-mixed concrete is especially useful. Additionally, ready-mixed concrete is perfect for big projects where there isn’t much place for a mixing facility or material stockpiles. Ready-mixed concrete falls into three main categories:

  • Shrink Mixed Concrete.
  • Transit Mixed Concrete.
  • Central Mixed Concrete.

Concrete that has been transit-mixed, sometimes referred to as truck-mixed, is made using components that have been batch-mixed at a central factory. The mixing of the concrete is frequently completed at the jobsite after being partially mixed while in transit. Concrete can be mixed shortly prior to placement at the construction site thanks to transit-mixing, which keeps the water separate from the cement and aggregates. Through the use of this technique, the issues of early hardening and slump loss that are brought on by probable delays in the transportation or installation of centrally mixed concrete are avoided. Additionally, transit-mixing enables concrete to be transported farther from the factory, to construction sites. The truck capacity of transit-mixed concrete is, however, less than that of the same truck containing central-mixed concrete, which is a drawback.

To enhance the truck’s load capacity while maintaining the benefits of transit-mixed concrete, shrink-mixed concrete is used. To minimize or shrink the volume of the mixture, concrete is partially mixed at the plant before finishing mixing in transit or on the construction site.

The table below shows the latest retail September 2023 prices of Ready Mixed Concrete in Philippines Peso price per cubic and its curing time

Price and Standard Strength and Curing Time of Ready Mixed Concrete per cubic meter in the Philippines

3000 PSI3 DAYS5700.00
7 DAYS3800.00
14 DAYS4600.00
28 DAYS4200.00
3500 PSI3 DAYS5600.00
7 DAYS5100.00
14 DAYS4200.00
28 DAYS4200.00
4000 PSI14 DAYS5400.00
28 DAYS5100.00
4500 PSI14 DAYS5900.00
28 DAYS5100.00
5000 PSI14 DAYS6100.00
28 DAYS5100.00
6000 PSI14 DAYS6000.00
28 DAYS5800.00
Price and Standard Strength and Curing Time of Ready Mixed Concrete per cubic meter in the Philippines

UPDATED: Construction Material Prices for Ready Mixed Concrete in the Philippines (September 2023)

UPDATED: All Construction Prices are based on retail prices around hardware in Metro Manila

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      It helped me when you said that concrete is partially mixed at the plant before being fully mixed in transportation or on the building site to reduce or reduce the volume of the mixture. My father tells my mother that he would rather use a Residential Concrete Mix in building our house so out of curiosity, I looked it up as I come across your article. Thanks for helping me understand why the concrete mix is guaranteed best construction material! It puts my mother and me at ease.

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