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Round Bar Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippine’s Prices

The term “round bar” refers to a long, cylindrical metal bar. Round bars come in a wide range of metals, including hot- or cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum, alloy steel, brass, and more. They also come in a wide range of diameters, from 1/4″ to 24″.

Round Bar is available in many metal types including:

Steel round bars can be hot rolled or cold rolled. Hot rolled round bar is commonly used in industries such as construction where finish and precise dimensions are not important. Cold rolled round bar, on the other hand, is utilized for applications that require a superior surface polish and precise dimensions. Steel round bar is commonly used in frameworks, supports, braces, shafts, and axles.

The normal length for most size round bars is 12′-14′ random lengths, but lengths up to 20′ and more are available in some sizes.

Hot rolled round bar is a tough, strong, ductile, formable, and weldable steel that can be utilized in a variety of applications. It also has a rougher surface and is easier to mold and mould. HR steel round bar stock is relatively simple to drill and form while retaining outstanding mechanical qualities. It is also distinguished by its distinct radius corners, as opposed to the sharp corners of cold rolled steel. It also has excellent mechanical qualities and is simple to manufacture.

The table below shows the latest retail Aug 2022 prices of Round Bar in Philippine Peso price per roll including its size dimension.

Price and Standard Size of Round Bar per pc in the Philippines

8mm diameter160.00
10mm diameter205.00
12mm diameter320.00
16mm diameter540.00
20mm diameter580.00
25mm diameter1250.00
32mm diameter1685.00
Price and Standard Size of Round Bar per pc in the Philippines

Commercially available length in the Philippines of Round Bar is 6 meters.

UPDATED: Construction Material Prices for Round Bar in the Philippines (Aug 2022)

UPDATED: All Construction Prices are based on retail prices around hardware in Metro Manila

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