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Steel Casing Pipe Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

Steel Casing Pipe Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

In order to prevent damage to different kinds of utility lines during subterranean construction, steel casing pipe, often referred to as encasement pipe, is frequently employed. Such harm may result from either human action or natural disasters.

Steel casing pipe are encasement construction material that are mostly used in piling works in construction of large columns. It is also mainly used in underground construction to protect electrical and utility lines and wirings of various types from damages.

Water mains, gas pipelines, electrical power cables, fiber optic cables, and other utility kinds are all protected by steel casing pipes. Most frequently, “casing spacers” constructed of various materials, including stainless steel or carbon steel and the more affordable plastic equivalents, are used to mount and space the utility lines that are routed through the steel casing pipe. In most cases, “casing end seals,” which can be either “pull-on” or “wrap-around” rubber devices, are used to seal the ends of a steel casing pipe “run.” Deep foundations can also be built using steel casing pipe.

Other than the requirement that the material be exceptionally straight and round, steel casing pipe normally has no special requirements. Project engineers may be required to use A.S.T.M. specifications in some locations. The specification that is most frequently required is A.S.T.M. 139 Grade B, which specifies the minimum yield and tensile strengths, as well as the tolerances for straightness and concentricity, of the steel pipe used for casing.

Used natural gas line pipe is also utilized as casing on many projects because it is frequently reclaimed in very good condition and can offer a significant cost savings when compared to new steel pipe. Steel casing pipe is frequently specified as ASTM A-252 which is a structural grade material that does not require hydrostatic testing and the inspection requirements are not stringent. It also typically costs less than other grades such as A-53, A-139, or API 5L. Utilized pipe is typically used when the sole required standard is a particular diameter and wall thickness of steel casing pipe and is most likely to not have any testing data linked with it.

The table below shows the latest retail April 2023 prices of Steel Casing Pipe in Philippines Peso price per sqm including its standard thickness, length and varying diameter.

Price and Standard Size of 10 mm thk, 6m commercial length of Steel Casing per pc in the Philippines

600 mm8750.00
700 mm9650.00
800 mm12500.00
900 mm13500.00
1000 mm15500.00
1100 mm16500.00
1200 mm18000.00
1300 mm18700.00
1400 mm20500.00
1500 mm22000.00
1600 mm24000.00
1700 mm27000.00
1800 mm26500.00
1900 mm28600.00
2000 mm31800.00
2500 mm36000.00
3000 mm40000.00
Price and Standard Size of 10 mm thk, 6m commercial length of Steel Casing per pc in the Philippines

UPDATED: Construction Material Prices for Steel Casing Pipe in the Philippines (April 2023)

UPDATED: All Construction Prices are based on retail prices around hardware in Metro Manila

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