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Everything You Need to Know Between Self-Tapping Screw and Tek Screw

Everything You Need to Know Between Self-Tapping Screw and Tek Screw

Did you know that there are different types of screws most especially even if they are similar to each other with the first look?

One of these screws is Tek Screws and Self-Tapping Screws.

On first look, they may not differ from each other as much yet as you take a closer inspection, you will find out that they are not the same. Understanding these differences will help you understand and know which screw will do the job for a specific work.

And Here’s a quick user guide for you to know the actual difference between them and which one you will use.

What is Self Tapping?

By definition, self-tapping means that an item, product, or material cuts or threads itself through another material such as wood or metal, the self-tapping item is drilled or inserted into. It is used only to describe a specific type of thread-cutting screw intended to produce a thread in relatively soft material or sheet materials, 

It can be processed either thru base muscle power or just mechanically powered items or machines.

What are Self-Tapping Screws and When to Use?

Self Tapping Screws are screws that can drill themselves to create their own hole by driving it into a material. These screws can thread their way into a wood, metal, plastic material.

They are pretty much used in joining the same material such as wood to wood, metal to metal, or even different materials such as wood to metal or metal to plastic.

They can be inserted into a material by using a handheld screwdriver or electric or battery-powered screwdriver.

Although it is not essential for thin-layer metal sheets, wood, or even plastic material, drilling a pilot or initial hole will help the self-tapping screw to go in a straight course. This initial drilling ensures that the screw will go straight in and doest it job while maintaining that the thread or the joining materials are not damaged.

For more heavy metal or wood materials, it is required to do the initial drilling using an electric or battery powered drill for the screw to work as the thicker the material, the more the thread will be damaged if screwed without the initial hole.

Always be sure to check the hole size and the screw size if they are matched with each other so that the thread can enter rigidly and straight.

Main Points of Self-Tapping Screws

  • Self-Tapping Screws are great screws that work in various materials such as plastic, metal, and wood
  • They can be easily installed as long as the material is thin as you can easily thread it inside without pre-drilling
  • They required minimal preparation for drilling if using a thicker material
  • It withstands a lot of pressure when they are used to joining two pieces of material together
  • Forms a strong bond as compared to nails and glue with the material through cutting its own thread

What are Tek Screws and How it differs?

Teks Screws are also self-tapping screws but it is a brand rather than a name for the material. They become synonymous with self-tapping screws as they become the best brand to buy when looking for self-tapping screws.

They work essentially the same with the self-tapping screw but with just a slight difference between them, which is the drill head tip.

As they are equipped with their own drilling head tip, they appeared bulkier yet becomes much easier to use especially if you do not need additional drilling or initial drilling.

They are most likely to use when joining metal to wood or metal to metal from thin type materials to fairly thick material.

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Main Points of Tek Screws

  • Tek Screws are bulkier and more robust versions of self-tapping screws which makes them tougher especially when threading.
  • They are very limited in usage as they can only go with metal to metal or metal to wood and vice versa.
  • They have their own drill head tip which makes them much easier to use when threading
  • They can save time and cost as you do not need to do initial drilling

What type of Screw to Use?

The type of screw to use will be entirely up to you. If you are looking to join two wood materials, I suggest you use the self-tapping screw which is the ordinary type yet if you are looking for more metal to metal action, then the tek screw is more up to your disposal.

Usage and type of screws are fairly up to the individual in which where the work will be easier and much faster, so be sure to know what type of screws are used for you to save a lot of time and money.

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