Toilet Fixtures Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

A bathroom fixture is a built-in, wired-in, permanent component of your bathroom. Without renovation work, moving fixtures is not simple or free. Toilets and bathtubs are a couple of examples.

Bathroom fittings, on the other hand, are accessories that you can add to your bathroom in addition to permanent fixtures. Fittings, such as mirrors and wall cabinets, can be relocated or replaced more readily.

A plumbing fixture is a piece of equipment or a vessel that may be permanently or temporarily installed and connected to the potable water system in a building that is used for business, housing, hospital, school, etc. Used water and suspended solids are released into the facility’s sewer system by that equipment. The majority of the time, you can use the water that is delivered to the fixture for drinking, bathing, cooking, etc. Not all plumbing fixtures have a connection to the water supply, but they all must be able to remove drainage away from the device via the sanitary system.

All plumbing fixtures must be constructed from a material that is smooth, non-corrosive, and non-absorbent. These substances encourage simple cleaning and are inherently anti-microbial.

The table below shows the latest retail Apr 2022 prices of PVC Wye in Philippines Peso price per pieces including sizes

Price and Specifications of Toilet Fixtures per pc in the Philippines

Wall Hung Urinal9500.00
Wall Hung Urinal with Sensor & Automatic Flush65000.00
Wall Hung Lavatory4000.00
Wall Hung Lavatory w/ P trap5500.00
Wall Hung Lavatory w/ P trap & Half Pedestal9500.00
Under Counter Lavatory7000.00
Under Counter Lavatory with P trap8500.00
Wall Faced Toilet11500.00
Wall Faced Toilet with Sensor & Automatic Flush65000.00
Inlet Spud – Toilet Accessory1500.00
Soft Closing Seat and Cover- Toilet Accessory5500.00
Slip in Connection – Toilet Accessory1000.00
Fixing Bracket – Toilet Accessory600.00
Faucet Lavatory13000.00
Auto Faucet Lavatory26000.00
Liquid Soap Holder, Wall Mounted4000.00
Tissue Paper Holder3000.00
Floor Drain, Square Flange4000.00
Grab Bar, I-type15000.00
Grab Bar, L-type20000.00
Baby Changing Station30000.00
Bidet Spray with hose & angle valve3500.00
Hand Dryer19000.00
Service Sink16000.00
Service Sink w/ Pedestal24000.00
Service Sink w/ Pedestal & S-Trap28000.00
Price and Specifications of Toilet Fixtures per pc in the Philippines

UPDATED: Construction Material Prices for PVC Wye in the Philippines (Apr 2022)

UPDATED: All Construction Prices are based on retail prices around hardware in Metro Manila

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