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Wall Angle Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippine Prices

Wall Angle Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippine Prices

A wall angle for use in constructing a suspended ceiling grid structure within a walled enclosure, the grid structure consisting of a number of main grid runners and hanger wires that suspend the main runners from an overhead support of the room enclosure. The wall angle consists of an extended body that defines an angled profile in cross section with a first side and a second interconnecting and extending side.

A preliminary series of markings are applied along the body at one foot length intervals to designate first iterative areas for engagement of the main runners and hanger wires. A second series of markings is applied along the body at second predetermined length intervals, commonly at sixteen or twenty-four inch intervals, to designate areas for engagement of the wall angle to vertically extending wall studs of the walled enclosure.

Wall angle is the perimeter metal furring in a drop or gypsum or acoustic ceiling grid installation. It is used at the wall slab cornering for the metal furring to hold into.

Wall angles are fixed to the wall which makes them great for holding other metal frameworks in-ceiling installation

Installing the perimeter wall angle for a drop ceiling is perhaps the most straightforward element of the process. The most crucial component of this installation is to maintain the wall angle level and tight against the wall, since this will decide the ceiling’s overall sharpness.

A drop ceiling’s wall angle is commonly L-shaped, and its dimension is around 1″ x 1″.

The angle must be fixed firmly in order for the main runners and cross tees that run around the perimeter of the ceiling to function effectively. However, you have the option of installing the cables or the wall angle first depending on the area and the choice of the installer.

The table below shows the latest retail September 2023 prices of wall angle in Philippine Peso price per piece including its standard sizes and thickness.

Price and Size of Wall Angle per pcs in the Philippines

25 mm x 25 mm x 2.4 M
0.30 mm54.00
0.35 mm65.00
0.40 mm70.00
0.45 mm69.00
0.50 mm85.00
0.55 mm90.00
0.60 mm98.00
0.80 mm124.00
25 mm x 25 mm x 3.0 M
0.30 mm68.00
0.35 mm65.00
0.40 mm80.00
0.45 mm90.00
0.50 mm97.00
0.55 mm105.00
0.60 mm110.00
0.80 mm159.00
Price and Size of Wall Angle per pcs in the Philippines

Tolerance for Philippine Standard is + or -10%

UPDATED: Construction Material Prices for Wall Angles in the Philippines (September 2023)

UPDATED: All Construction Prices are based on retail prices around hardware in Metro Manila

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