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4 Important Things You Need to Know About Waterproof Paints and Their Applications

4 Important Things You Need to Know About Waterproof Paints and Their Applications

The advancement of modern technology has made waterproof paints more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Depending on your unique demands, there are a selection of waterproof paints to pick from. Consider investing in waterproof paints if you want to prevent water damage to your home and its exterior furnishings.

Some of the most popular waterproof paints and their uses are listed here.

waterproof paint

1. Epoxy Paint

Since this paint is constructed of a sturdy plastic resin, only seasoned painters should use it because it is challenging to apply. Due to their resistance to damage from substances like gasoline and motor oil, epoxy paints are also appropriate for use on surfaces like garage flooring.

2. Acrolein Elasticized Paint

Only concrete surfaces are permitted to use this paint. It stops mold and fungi from developing on concrete. Only when combined with acrylic paint does it become waterproof. Acrolein elasticized paint only works in specific circumstances and has a high VOC level.

3. Acrylic Paint

The majority of talented interior designers like acrylic paints. These come in latex and non-latex varieties. These paints may be applied with ease using conventional paint brushes and rollers.

4. Masonry Paint

These paints are created using a mixture of ceramics and latex. Stones, concrete, tough board, and cement are all covered by masonry paint. It is utilized outside or outside. Masonry paints are simple to hose off and clean with soap and water, which makes maintaining the exterior surfaces of your home much simpler. If properly applied, masonry coatings can last up to ten years.

Waterproofing Paints that are Available in the Market

1. BOYSEN Plexibond

A newly made acrylic polymer called Plexibond was created to be compounded with Portland cement. Even in thin section applications, the resultant combination exhibits good adhesion, water resistance, and flexibility. By using it, water seepage is eliminated. This makes it perfect for waterproofing roof decks and firewalls on the positive side.

Plexibond is not an independent item. It can be applied to roof decks, firewalls, and the side of the wall where water pressure is created, but it must be combined with Portland cement. On a surface that has already been painted, avoid using it.

2. DAVIES  Sun & Rain

A self-priming and water-proofing low sheen elastomeric paint is DAVIES Sun & Rain. DAVIES Sun & Rain Odorless Elastomeric Paint, in contrast to other elastomeric paints, use 100% Acrylic Technology, providing improved UV and water protection as well as a more robust and attractive paint finish. Both interior and exterior concrete walls can benefit from its high flexibility since it fills hairline gaps.

3. Nippon Water Repellent Solution

A primer based on a silane/siloxane combination, Nippon Water Repellent Solution is a solvent-based product. A primer using a silane/siloxane-based solvent is called Nippon Water Repellent Solution. Additionally, it serves as an excellent primer for exterior concrete protection and an impregnating agent for masonry substrates. Without obstructing their pores or capillaries, it can reduce the capillary absorption of building materials. Their impact on diffusion permeability is nonexistent. Water vapour can so freely escape from the stonework, allowing any dampness to dry out.


An environmentally friendly paint called BOYSEN KNOxOUT with CristalACTiV Technology uses light to interact with dangerous nitrogen oxides (NOx) created by vehicles, industrial solvents, and power plants and then chemically neutralizes them. NOx disintegrates and is changed into innocuous compounds that are taken away by the subsequent rainfall.

Boysen Air Cleaning Paint Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

5. AquaGuard Elastomeric Waterproofing Paint

AquaGuard is a premium elastomeric paint that fills and plugs existing or expanding cracks in your wall to create a waterproof barrier to keep rain out. It has a flexible and extremely durable covering. It guarantees that your property will be protected from all tropical weather conditions. Because everyone perceives colors differently and because every computer monitor has a distinct color capacity, actual colors may differ dramatically.

Keep in mind that the waterproof paint that is appropriate for your needs is the one you choose.

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