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What is the Difference Between a Pipe and Tube Bender?

What is the Difference Between a Pipe and Tube Bender?

What’s the difference between a tube bender and a pipe bender? is one of the inquiries we occasionally get. In a similar vein, we occasionally are asked to define the distinction between pipe and tube in general.


There isn’t much of a distinction between a pipe bender and a tube bender. Pipes can be bent by machines in the same way that tubes can.

The only exceptions to this rule would be for piping and tubes that are extremely huge or small.

Even yet, in this situation you would need a machine that could handle either specification whether the material being bent was a pipe or a tube because it wouldn’t matter if it was very huge or very little.

There is a distinction between a tube and a pipe, despite the fact that there is no distinction between a pipe and a tube bending machine. It turns out that identifying that distinction can be a little challenging.

You may obtain a lot of information on tube vs. pipe by conducting a quick internet search. According to conventional belief, the disparity can be attributed to how they are measured. The internal diameter of a pipe is measured, whereas the outward diameter of a tube is measured. Many sources will also mention the usage of a schedule when calculating the wall thickness of a pipe.

Also, tubes don’t always have to be round; they can take on a number of shapes, including square and oval. Contrarily, pipes are always round.

However, it appears that using an inside diameter and schedule for pipes and an outer diameter for tubes makes the most sense for separating tubes from pipes.

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