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Black Iron Pipe Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

Black Iron Pipe Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

B.I. Pipes are made of uncoated metal, and the iron-oxide that is formed on their surface during the production process gives them their dark hue. Natural gas is frequently transported in this way into residential and commercial structures.

Because there are no seams in the black iron pipe, it is strong and secure for carrying gas. Due to its greater fire resistance than galvanized tubing, it is also used for fire sprinkler systems.

Uses of Black Iron Pipe

Pipes are adaptable and have a wide range of applications in the building industry. Here are a few examples of typical applications.

  • Pipes are employed in building as structural supports since they increase the strength of the structure.
  • Black iron pipes with an iron oxide coating are used to convey oil, gas, and other flammable liquids. This coating adds strength and longevity.
  • Due to its capacity to tolerate high temperatures and resistance to fire, BI Pipes are used as the primary material in the fire sprinkler and heat exchanger system.
  • When building different structures, pipes are often used for support and elevation.

Benefits of Using Black Iron Pipe

  • Steel pipes have a lengthy lifespan and require little upkeep. It has the capacity to fend against harm and can tolerate extreme weather.
  • Steel pipes are adaptable because they may be employed in modern decorations to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building in addition to being used in construction as scaffolding, fences, and railings.
  • Steel pipes can be recycled with little harm to the environment. When a pipe has served its purpose to the fullest, it can be melted down and used to make different types of steel.

The table below shows the latest retail September 2023 prices of BI Pipe, in Philippines Peso price per pieces including its dimension and size

Price and Standard Size of Black Iron Pipe Schedule 40 per pc in the Philippines

BI Pipe, 1/2″550.00
BI Pipe, 3/4″720.00
BI Pipe, 1″1177.00
BI Pipe, 1 1/4″1470.00
BI Pipe, 1 1/2″1701.00
BI Pipe, 2″2268.00
BI Pipe, 2 1/2″3728.00
BI Pipe, 3″4662.00
BI Pipe, 4″7219.00
BI Pipe, 5″9797.00
BI Pipe, 6″12527.00
BI Pipe, 8″16480.00
BI Pipe, 10″27810.00
BI Pipe, 12″35005.00
Price and Standard Size of Black Iron Pipe Schedule 40 per pc in the Philippines

The commercially available length of the Black Iron Pipe or BI pipe is 6 meters.

UPDATED: Construction Material Prices for BI Pipe in the Philippines (September 2023)

UPDATED: All Construction Prices are based on retail prices around hardware in Metro Manila

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