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Galvanized Steel 90 Elbow Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

Galvanized pipes fittings are steel pipes fittings that have been coated with zinc to prevent corrosion and rust. Galvanized pipe fittings was often used in residences constructed before 1960. Galvanized pipe fittings was designed as an alternative to lead pipe fittings for water delivery lines. Today, we know that decades of exposure to water causes galvanized pipes to corrode and rust on the inside.

Galvanized pipes fittings have a nickel-like appearance when originally installed. However, depending on its surroundings, galvanized pipe fittings may become considerably duller, lighter, or darker as it ages. We’ve also seen homes with painted water pipes, so it can be tough to detect at first glance.

If you can’t tell by looking at your pipes fittings, there is a simple test you may use to determine whether they are galvanized. Simply take a flat head screwdriver and a powerful magnet and get to work. Begin by locating your water line and scratching the pipe fittings with the screwdriver.

Malleable iron fittings that have been hot dipped in zinc to increase their corrosion resistance. When you grasp Pipe Décor components and accessories, you will recognize them. Beastly beauty. both power and style. For your decorations and designs, this is actual industrial plumbing pipe. Do not accept alternatives. Your bespoke fixture projects and expansions can need extra parts and accessories. Simply plug in and start using.

The table below shows the latest retail Sept 2022 prices of Galvanized Steel Iron 90 deg Elbow in Philippines Peso price per pieces including its thickness and size dimensions.

Price and Standard Size of GI 90 deg Elbow Sch 40 per pc in the Philippines

GI 90deg Elbow, 1/2″, Sch4038
GI 90deg Elbow, 3/4″, Sch4044
GI 90deg Elbow, 1″, Sch4066
GI 90deg Elbow, 1 1/4″, Sch4098
GI 90deg Elbow, 1 1/2″, Sch40173
GI 90deg Elbow, 2″, Sch40197
GI 90deg Elbow, 2 1/2″, Sch40388
GI 90deg Elbow, 3″, Sch40544
GI 90deg Elbow, 4″, Sch40991
GI 90deg Elbow, 5″, Sch401,375
GI 90deg Elbow, 6″, Sch401,685
GI 90deg Elbow, 8″, Sch403,669
GI 90deg Elbow, 10″, Sch406,469
GI 90deg Elbow, 12″, Sch4011,753
Standard Size of GI 90 deg Elbow Sch 40 per pc in the Philippines

UPDATED: Construction Material Prices for Galvanized Steel Iron 90 deg Elbow in the Philippines (Sept 2022)

UPDATED: All Construction Prices are based on retail prices around hardware in Metro Manila

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