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Blower Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippine Prices

Blower Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippine Prices

Blowers are machines or devices that accelerate the speed of air or gas as it passes through impellers. They are mostly utilized for air/gas flow requirements such as exhausting, aspirating, chilling, ventilation, and conveying. In the industry, a blower is also known as a centrifugal fan. In a blower, the entrance pressure is low and the exit pressure is greater. The blades’ kinetic energy raises the pressure of the air near the exit. Blowers are commonly employed in sectors with intermediate pressure needs, such as when the pressure is higher than the fan but lower than the compressor.

Blowers are also widely used tools in various industries including construction. They are devices that move air at a moderate pressure to clean, blow out or adjust dust in an area.

Air blower machines are a simple and effective electrical appliance used to blow dust out of every nook and cranny in homes and businesses. When it comes to gadgets and electronics with delicate parts that can’t be cleaned with a cloth, air blowers are used to remove dust with continuous air pressure. This long-lasting and effective equipment helps you save time and effort when cleaning and dusting.

Blowers are used for blowing either air or gas with specific pressure or strength based on the device capacity

Blowers work when the air blower’s center impeller suctions air and forms a spiral flow of air, producing dynamic pressure that drives the air to flow via a curved channel and out the blower. The various speed levels are configured for various cleaning tasks such as cleaning electrical components, raking leaves in the yard, and so on.

The table below shows the latest retail September 2023 prices of blowers in Philippine Peso price per piece including its watts and brand.

Price and Specs of Blowers per pcs in the Philippines

UB1102 4.1 CU.M/MIN600W3200.00
UB1101 2.8 CU.M/MIN600W3700.00
StanleySTPT600 – Variable Speed600W1900.00
DeWaltGBL82-270 Heavy Duty800W3750.00
pecs of Blowers per pcs in the Philippines (Including brand and wattage)

UPDATED: Construction Material Prices for Handheld Blowers in the Philippines (September 2023)

UPDATED: All Construction Prices are based on retail prices around hardware in Metro Manila

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