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Gate Valve Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

Gate Valve Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

In most cases, a gate valve is used to totally stop fluid flow or, when fully opened, to allow full flow in a pipeline.

As a result, it can be utilized either totally closed or fully open.

What are the Parts of a Gate Valve?

A gate valve’s components include the valve body, seat, and disc, as well as the spindle, gland, and wheel that controls the valve.

Together, the seat and the gate serve the purpose of stopping the passage of fluid.

Source: Science Direct

A “gate” that closes in a plane perpendicular to the flow of fluid characterizes gate valves. They are primarily employed for on-and-off, non-throttling service.

A partially open disk will wobble and clatter due to the shearing of high-velocity flow, harming the seating surfaces and preventing a tight seal.

The majority of fluids, including steam, water, oil, air, and gas, can be used with them. A wedge disk on a gate valve could be rigid or flexible.

How large are Gate Valves?

Gate valves, which are typically 6 in. in size, can be utilized for regulating flow in addition to on/off service. and larger, but unless the disk is fully directed the entire way, it will clatter.

Gate valves move slowly from fully open to fully closed, needing several revolutions of the handwheel. The disks can be either solid wedge disks or flexible wedge disks.

Flexible disks were created to reduce operating torque and prevent sticking on cooling in high-temperature usage.

Large high-pressure services typically cost less than plug or ball services.

Where are Gate Valves mainly used?

Gate valves are more frequently employed in refineries and petrochemical plants where temperature may be extremely high but pressure is kept at a relatively low level.

Due to their high working pressures, slow opening/closing times, and harsh operating environments in marine atmospheres, gate valves are less frequently utilized in upstream oil and gas production facilities.

A block valve is the gate valve. Its design prevents it from controlling flow; even as it starts to open, the seat and disk erode, causing the ruin of the tight faces.

What is a Control Valve?

In general, gate valves cannot be used to control flow, pressure, or operation with a partial opening.

A control valve or a plug valve should be utilized for this function.

It should be noted that a gate valve’s structure necessitates numerous hand wheel revolutions in order to fully open or close the valve.

Gate valves have an equivalent length to diameter ratio (L/D) of about 8 when completely opened, and they provide little flow resistance.

The table below shows the latest retail April 2024 prices of Gate Valve in Philippines Peso price per pieces including sizes

Price and Standard Sizes of Gate Valve Brass per pc in the Philippines

Gate ValveBrass3/8″ Diameter1600.00
Gate ValveBrass1/2″ Diameter1850.00
Gate ValveBrass3/4″ Diameter2100.00
Gate ValveBrass1″ Diameter3850.00
Gate ValveBrass1-1/4″ Diameter4050.00
Gate ValveBrass1-1/2″ Diameter7200.00
Gate ValveBrass2″ Diameter9900.00
Gate ValveBrass2-1/2″ Diameter11600.00
Gate ValveBrass3″ Diameter16400.00
Gate ValveBrass4″ Diameter23000.00
Price and Standard Sizes of Gate Valve Brass per pc in the Philippines

UPDATED: Construction Material Prices for Gate Valve in the Philippines (April 2024)

UPDATED: All Construction Prices are based on retail prices around hardware in Metro Manila

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