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Last updated on February 10th, 2024 by Myla Pablo

Hardiflex is a cement board made of cement and reinforcing fibers that is manufactured into 3 by 5 foot (91 by 152 cm) sheets that are 14 to 12 inch (6.4 to 12.7 mm) thick and used as a tile backing board. In comparison to water-resistant gypsum boards, cement board increases impact resistance and strength to the wall surface.

HardiFlex board is made of fiber cement board, which is made from materials developed from a mixture of Portland cement and cellulose fibers and has the advantages of non-causing toxic substances, flexibility, and tougher quality, allowing it to withstand weathers ranging from strong sun to heavy rain. It is suitable for usage outside.

Hardiflex Ceilings are versatile and may be utilized in curved, seamless, panelized, or tiled designs. It is also suitable for usage in wet environments (such as areas of bathroom, kitchen, laundry area).

The table below shows the latest retail February 2024 prices of Hardiflex in Philippines Peso price per pieces including size and thickness.

Price and Standard Sizes of Hardiflex per pcs in the Philippines

4 FT x 8 FT3.5 mm640.00
4.5 mm720.00
6.0 mm850.00
9.0 mm1500.00
12.0 mm1900.00
15.0 mm2300.00
Price and Standard Sizes of Hardiflex per pcs in the Philippines

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UPDATED: All Construction Prices are based on retail prices around hardware in Metro Manila

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