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How to Get a Building Permit in the Philippines?

How to Get a Building Permit in the Philippines?

In our country, permits are needed for almost anything to verify the legitimacy of a transaction or the true owner of a piece of property. In the Philippines, authorization is actually required before starting a business, taking a test, or even building something.

Yes, in order to move forward with the development of a certain facility, a building permit is necessary. The National Building Code, which was created decades ago, stipulates that this particular authorization must be secured.

Philippine requirements for obtaining a Building Permit

Make sure to have all the following paperwork on hand when applying for the permit that will validate your property construction transaction:

  1. filled-out application forms with your engineers’ proper signatures. The following is included in this:
    • Five (5) copies of Building Permit Forms
      • Three (3) copies of Sanitary Permit Forms
    • Three (3) copies of Electrical Permit Forms
  2. If the applicant is the legitimate owner of the property, the following documents must be prepared:
    • Tax Declaration
    • Five (5) copies of Certified True Copy of Original Certificate of Title (OCT) or Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT), on file with the Registry of Deeds
    • Five (5) copies of the Current Real Property Tax Receipt
  3. In the event that the applicant is not the legal owner of the property, the following documents must be prepared in addition to the ones mentioned above:
    • Duly Notarized copy of the Contract Lease
    • Contract of Sale
    • Affidavit of Consent of the Lot Owner for the construction of building/house, or Deed of Absolute Sale.
  4. Take Note: Make sure to prepare five (5) copies of any of the documents listed.
  5. Five (5) complete sets of Detailed Plans
  6. For the construction of two-storey buildings, you will need to prepare a Structural Design Analysis which is signed by Civil Engineer at every page.
  7. For the construction of more than two-storey buildings, you will need to prepare a Boring and Plate Load Test as well as a Seismic Analysis.
  8. Permit Billboard (0.60 X 0.90 Plywood with the following contents):
    • Five (5) copies of Bill of Materials and Specification – signed and sealed by an engineer or an architect on every page
    • Locational Clearance
    • Photocopy of PTR # and PRC license of all concerned engineers and architects
    • Clearance from the DPWH if the construction is located along National Highway
    • DOLE Clearance

How to obtain a Building Permit?

You can now visit your municipal office or city hall to submit a building permit application after you were able to gather all the required paperwork. The procedures to take in order to obtain building permits in the Philippines are as follows:

Step 1. Obtain the list of requirements.

A list of requirements is available from the municipality or city where you are currently residing. You shouldn’t be concerned if you have no idea about the standards specified on the checklist because your architect and engineers are knowledgeable about these specifics. To have your engineers and architects fill them out for you, you only need to obtain these forms and supporting documents from the municipal office.

Step 2. Send the demands to the building official’s office.

Once the forms have been signed and filled out by your construction professionals, submit them to the Office of the Building Inspector. The Acknowledgement Slip that is given there will identify the date of the status of your application, and the Assessor’s Office will instruct you as to where you should proceed next.

Step 3. order your payment order.

You will be sent an Order of Payment to pay all of the necessary permit fees that you must pay in order to obtain a building permit once your application has been approved.

Step 4. Pay the fees for the building permit.

Present the Order of Payment at the Treasurer’s Office to pay the fees. Your building permit fees will likely cost Php 6, 000 or more, depending on the size of your building’s development, its location in the municipality, and the assessment plan. Due to the reduced cost of land and municipal services, fees are typically cheaper in rural areas than in urban ones.

Step 5. To the Office of the Building Official Releasing Section, present the official receipt.

Send an official receipt (OR) photocopy or, if you’d rather, the actual official receipt (OR), to the Office of the Building Official releasing department.

Step 6. Request your building permit.

After five (5) business days, come back to the releasing section of the Office of the Building Official to pick up your building permit.

Most of us will eventually wish to construct some form of building, whether it’s a house, a storage space, or an industrial complex. Since these constructions are frequently used for business purposes and other legal activities, permits are needed. Getting a building permit is one of the most frequent challenges homeowners and home renovators in the Philippines encounter.

building permit quezon city hall
Source: TripAdvisor Quezon City Hall Compound

Getting a Building Permit is important.

You will require a building permit if you plan to develop a house or a company. It might be boring and make your head spin a little. Without one, you won’t be able to determine whether your house is legal, so be sure to apply for one right away rather than getting involved in any building-related issues.

By the same token, kindly take notice that building licenses are not only required for those who wish to construct a house but also for those who wish to renovate their existing residence.

Since the Philippines is part of the Ring of Fire, natural disasters frequently affect our nation. In past years, the nation’s islands were severely damaged by a number of earthquakes. Obtaining a building permit is essential in order to safeguard everyone from such a catastrophe.

A building permit must be obtained before work can begin in order to ensure that the structure is built to withstand natural disasters and that the materials used are within the design requirements and legal norms.

This is another reason why, when purchasing a home, you should examine the materials and durability of the brand-new home and lot.

You can send us a message to help you in processing of your building permit.

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