Metal Tracks Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

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Metal Tracks are construction material mainly used as bottom and top plates in ceiling works. They are for laying out of your expecting ceiling design most notably in edges and corners.

Studs and tracks are the two main parts of a steel frame. The top and bottom plates are made of the track. Lay up your walls and openings for metal stud framing the same way you would for wood, but when installing the bottom plate, avoid running the track over the door openings.

Instead of using wood to frame walls, metal track is employed. Due to its light weight and straightness, it is simple to install and store. The price of metal track is determined by the average cost per length. Metal track is typically 3 meters long.

The table below shows the latest retail Jan 2022 prices of Metal Tracks in Philippines Peso price per pieces including its thickness and size dimensions.

Price and Standard Sizes of Metal Tracks per pcs in the Philippines

50 mm x 75 mm x 3.0 M
GA 25 (0.50 mm)380.00
GA 24 (0.60 mm)426.00
GA 22 (0.80 mm)528.00
GA 20 (1.00 mm)643.00
50 mm x 100 mm x 3.0 M
GA 25 (0.50 mm)390.00
GA 24 (0.60 mm)445.00
GA 22 (0.80 mm)595.00
GA 20 (1.00 mm)720.00
50 mm x 150 mm x 3.0 M
GA 25 (0.50 mm)465.00
GA 24 (0.60 mm)555.00
GA 22 (0.80 mm)720.00
GA 20 (1.00 mm)900.00
Price and Standard Sizes of Metal Tracks per pcs in the Philippines

UPDATED: Construction Material Prices for Metal Tracks in the Philippines (Jan 2022)

UPDATED: All Construction Prices are based on retail prices around hardware in Metro Manila

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