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Plywood Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

Plywood Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

What is a Plywood?

A substance known as plywood is created by adhering thin “plies” or layers of wood veneer together while rotating the wood grain of the neighboring layers by up to 90 degrees.

It belongs to the family of produced boards, which also includes particle board, oriented strand board, and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) (chipboard).

Where does Plywood mainly used?

Plywood is the highest and most used material in construction especially in wood working, timber structures and furniture.

What is plywood made of in the Philippines?

All plywood combine wood fiber sheets with resin to create a composite material with long, robust, and thin cellulose cells.

Cross-graining, the alternation of the grain, provides numerous major advantages, including a decreased tendency for wood to split when nailed at the edges, a reduction in expansion and shrinkage, which improves dimensional stability, and a consistency in the panel’s strength in all directions.


So that the sheet is balanced and less likely to distort, there are typically an odd number of plies.

Because the grains of the surface ply are bonded against one another, and there are an odd number of composite elements, plywood has a high rigidity perpendicular to the direction of the grains.

Only plywood that is smaller, thinner, and of inferior quality can have its plies (layers) placed at right angles to one another.

Five plies in steps of 45 degrees (0, 45, 90, 135, and 180 degrees) are often intentionally used in higher-quality plywood products to provide strength along various axes.

Which type of Plywood is best?

Plywood has many variety but the mainly used in the Philippines are the Ordinary and Marine type plywood.

The table below shows the latest retail March 2024 prices of Plywood in Philippines Peso price per pieces including its size, standard dimension and thickness

Price and Standard Size of Plywood per pc in the Philippines

Ordinary Plywood4ft x 8ft4 mmSHEET310.00
Ordinary Plywood4ft x 8ft5 mmSHEET340.00
Ordinary Plywood4ft x 8ft9 mmSHEET500.00
Ordinary Plywood4ft x 8ft10 mmSHEET720.00
Ordinary Plywood4ft x 8ft11 mmSHEET600.00
Ordinary Plywood4ft x 8ft12 mmSHEET820.00
Ordinary Plywood4ft x 8ft18 mmSHEET1050.00
Ordinary Plywood4ft x 8ft1/8 inSHEET320.00
Ordinary Plywood4ft x 8ft3/16 inSHEET420.00
Ordinary Plywood4ft x 8ft1/4 inSHEET460.00
Ordinary Plywood4ft x 8ft1/2 inSHEET760.00
Ordinary Plywood4ft x 8ft3/4 inSHEET1300.00
Marine Plywood4ft x 8ft4 mmSHEET360.00
Marine Plywood4ft x 8ft5 mmSHEET420.00
Marine Plywood4ft x 8ft9 mmSHEET560.00
Marine Plywood4ft x 8ft10 mmSHEET830.00
Marine Plywood4ft x 8ft1/2 inSHEET560.00
Marine Plywood4ft x 8ft3/4 inSHEET960.00
Price and Standard Size of Plywood per pc in the Philippines

UPDATED: Construction Material Prices for Plywood in the Philippines (March 2024)

UPDATED: All Construction Prices are based on retail prices around hardware in Metro Manila

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