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Polyamide Tube Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

Polyamide Tube Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines’ Prices

What is polyamide tubing?

A form of tubing manufactured from polyamide resin, which has a high resistance to abrasion, is known as nylon tubing, also known as polyamide tubing.

Applications involving high pressure and high temperature employ it.

This kind of tubing can be utilized in a variety of applications, and some of its variations can be used in chemical solutions without degrading.

What is UV Stabilization?

UV stabilization is a feature of nylon tubing that might be useful when it is being used in hotter climates or in locations with direct sunshine exposure.

Because of its flexibility, nylon tubing may be incorporated into a wide variety of intricate patterns.

It can be flexed repeatedly over an extended period of time without growing weary or cracking thanks to its internal elastic memory.

polyamide tube

Nylon tubing has a very low moisture absorption rate and is impact-resistant even at below-freezing temperatures.

The frequent result of very low temperatures is a reduction in size or dimensional stability.

Nylon tubing is ideally suited for resisting a wide range of fungi and mold, as well as solvents, alkalis, grease, oils, and petroleum.

What are the main uses for Nylon Tube?

Industry has found great use for nylon tubing.

Robotics, hydraulic hoses, fuel lines, vacuum lines, vapor lines, brake lines, air lines, oil processing lines, chemical processing lines, and tool lubricating systems are a few examples of its application areas.

In order to automatically power machines, pneumatic systems that use compressed air can be employed with nylon tubing, which is also used in the food processing industry.

The nylon plastic tubing has a reduced bend radius and enables a lighter wall weight when compared to other nylon resins.

When compared to other forms of polymers like polycarbonate, the molecular structure of nylon explains some of the features that the nylon tube has.

The melting point of this nylon is approximately 374 °F (190 °C), which is higher than the same contained properties for other resins.

In addition, nylon has a strong resilience to wear and chemicals thanks to its crystalline structure. Products comprised of solid nylon and hollow channels are known as nylon tubing.

Instead of being used as a material for industrial tubing, this nylon is typically found for use in textile fibers.

On the other hand, if this nylon is kept in its solid state, it can make a fantastic material for making plastic tubes and other useful plastic items.

The table below shows the latest retail April 2024 prices of Polyamide Tube, in Philippines Peso price per pieces including its dimension and size

Price and Standard Sizes of Polyamide Tube per pc in the Philippines

Polyamide TubeOD=4mmID=2mm9,905.00
Polyamide TubeOD=5mmID=3mm10,505.00
Polyamide TubeOD=6mmID=4mm12,525.00
Polyamide TubeOD=8mmID=6mm15,525.00
Polyamide TubeOD=10mmID=8mm21,000.00
Polyamide TubeOD=12mmID=9mm29,000.00
Polyamide TubeOD=14mmID=11mm45,175.00
Polyamide TubeOD=16mmID=11mm75,300.00
Price and Standard Sizes of Polyamide Tube per pc in the Philippines

UPDATED: Construction Material Prices for Polyamide Tube in the Philippines (April 2024)

UPDATED: All Construction Prices are based on retail prices around hardware in Metro Manila

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