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Shoring Jack Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines Price

Shoring Jack Guaranteed Best Construction Material Philippines Price

Construction shoring jacks are an essential component of concrete construction formwork and concreting. It is used to support the formworks while pouring cement mix on slabs. It is usually manufactured of high-quality B.I. material with a maximum length of 5 meters.

Shoring is the temporary building of a structure to support a hazardous structure. These provide lateral support for walls. When walls bulge, when walls crack due to unequal foundation settling and repairs are needed, when a neighboring structure needs to be pulled down, and when apertures in a wall need to be constructed or extended, shoring might be utilized.

This tool, which is utilized as a support system for various portions of the building, particularly the roof, permits the structure to be kept in its original condition throughout concreting and may be removed once the concrete has reached its strength.

Construction shoring jacks, of course, need engineering calculations and should be employed in accordance with the load delivered to the structure. Jack posts are typically used for shoring, or temporary supports, during building repair or alteration work, rather than scaffolding, which provides workers with access platforms. Supporting an existing horizontal beam while its original masonry supports are removed or restored is a common use.

B.I. Shoring Jack are the main components used for setting up scaffolding to reach higher places or mostly to improve the pathway towards one location from another as because the typical ceiling height in the Philippines is just 3 meters, the 3.10m and 3.80m are commonly used in home construction.

They are also mainly used to provide additional safety for the scaffolding. The propose for using is that one shoring jack for every square meter of support area (slab). For example, 100 square meters. Use 100 pieces for the slab. a jack for shoring

The table below shows the latest retail July 2023 prices of B.I. Shoring Jack in Philippine Peso price per pieces including its size dimension and specifications.

Price and Standard Sizes of Shoring Jack in the Philippines

SCHED 20 MW-0122.00 m x 3.40 m1200.00
SCHED 40 MW-012
2.00 m x 3.40 m1250.00
2.00 m x 3.90 m1580.00
2.60 m x 3.90 m1650.00
2.70 m x 4.50 m1820.00
3.20 m x 4.50 m2030.00
Price and Standard Sizes of Shoring Jack in the Philippines

UPDATED: Construction Material Prices for B.I. Shoring Jack in the Philippines (July 2023)

UPDATED: All Construction Prices are based on retail prices around hardware in Metro Manila

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