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What is Baffle Ceiling? And Guaranteed Way to Use it

What is Baffle Ceiling? And Guaranteed Way to Use it

According to Wikipedia, a baffle ceiling, sometimes referred to as an acoustic sound baffle or a hanging baffle metal ceiling, is a type of open ceiling construction.

It is a collection of vertically hung linear profiles, constructed of wood, aluminum, or any other material that absorbs sound, that are arranged in different patterns and combinations to lessen the intensity (level) of airborne sound. The plenum space and concrete ceiling above are visible and accessible via the baffle ceiling.

Why Use of Baffle Ceiling?

A type of suspended ceiling system, or drop out ceiling, called an acoustic sound baffle, is a great option for usage in vast spaces with little wall space and maybe limited visible and physical access to services at ceiling level.

Baffle ceilings are an efficient way to eliminate any unwelcome acoustic problems, such as echo and drifting sounds. They can aid in satisfying standards like BB93 in the UK and other international frameworks, as well as improve speech intelligibility, which can be particularly crucial in settings like classrooms.

baffle ceiling

Baffle ceilings provide the impression of being very open and allow you to see the bare roof because of how they are built. When employed to try and resolve acoustic issues in a building that have traditionally been a concern, they can be quite effective.

Baffle Ceilings provide a distinctive atmosphere that is modern, highly functional, and also quite beautiful. These open ceiling structures with their different baffle ceiling combinations and designs enable imaginative views of the bare ceiling. They can be retrofitted to fix acoustic problems and to give interiors a unique look and feel. Additionally to providing complete access to services at the ceiling level, they are simple to install.

The currently available choices for baffle ceilings are quite expensive and rigid. Costs and lead times significantly increase if one wishes to stand out.

Baffle Ceiling Options

In order to provide a bespoke baffle ceiling range ideal for any commercial location as well as public spaces, educational facilities, and more, SAS designs and manufactures acoustic metal ceiling baffles (SAS500 and SAS510). Our acoustic ceiling baffles come in a variety of sizes and materials, including aluminum. They are available in wood and metal. We can locate the ideal acoustic and aesthetic baffle system to meet your specific needs because systems can be developed and installed in a variety of ways, each having slightly different impacts on the acoustics.

You can see various options of Baffle Ceiling at https://sasintgroup.com/

Baffle ceiling products can be made by SAS Design in a variety of colors, coatings, and textures for various degrees of acoustic and aesthetic effect. The performance of the baffles and the effect they create in the space can be significantly influenced by wider and narrower layouts.

They use cutting-edge design and fabrication techniques to construct all the ceiling baffles to an extremely high standard.

This linear acoustic baffle system, the SAS500, can be mounted and suspended continuously or as separate modules. Better acoustic performance is provided by the double-faced panels. The baffles’ adjustable height and angular suspension allow for flexible design.

The waveform acoustic baffle system SAS510 can be directly hanging from the soffit. They have the same suspension options for individual units and uninterrupted runs as the SAS550 system. The waveform design has a very appealing appearance.

Both systems come equipped with a pure white polyester powder coat finish. Additionally available are anti-microbial coating and any RAL color. Additionally, either system can be ordered in any typical SAS perforation design.

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