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How to Clean Tile Floors – Expert Tips for a Streak-Free Shine

How to Clean Tile Floors – Expert Tips for a Streak-Free Shine

Many households have to learn how to properly clean tile floors, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom where tiles are used most regularly. Although it can seem simple to clean floors without streaks, doing so on tiled floors calls for a somewhat more specialized approach. You’ll also have an altered room that is always worthwhile thanks to the streak-free outcomes.

These cleaning strategies will give you a flawless finish that experts like if you’re seeking for an easy yet effective way to get a streak-free sheen on a tiled floor.

How To Clean Tile Floors – A Quick Method For A Streak-Free Finish 

You’ll be relieved to learn that washing tile floors is pretty similar if you’re already an expert at streak-free window or mirror cleaning. This is so that streaks may be removed using a technique that works on all of these surfaces.

The equipment you select and the technique you employ hold the key. What you should know is as follows.

1. Invest In A Microfiber Mop 

Despite their apparent similarity, each type of mop has a specific cleaning purpose, according to Gladys Connelly of The House Wire (opens in new tab).

For instance, sponge mops work well for removing little messes and stains, but cotton string mops can handle large spaces. Although microfiber mops are highly absorbent and a fantastic option for cleaning tiles, spin mops may also get rid of tough stains.

2. Choose The Correct Cleaning Agent 

Using the right cleaning solution is the secret to blemish-free tile flooring. You can either purchase a cleanser specifically made for cleaning tile floors or create your own cleaning solution, advises Gladys.

She continues by saying that you can use vinegar to clean by combining 12 cups with a liter of warm water, however you should test this carefully beforehand if you’re cleaning stone floors or encaustic tiles. But, it’s crucial that your cleaner for porcelain and ceramic tile floors isn’t too diluted or unduly concentrated, as an overly concentrated solution is likely to leave streaks or residue behind.

3. Master Your Mopping Technique 

Your method is one of the best things you can do to ensure a streak-free finish when it comes to cleaning floor tiles. Gladys advises immersing a mop into the cleaning solution, wringing out the excess, and then sweeping the floors in a figure-eight motion.

When one side of the mop becomes soiled, “Turn your mop on the exposed surface.” Just make sure to wash the mop when both sides are filthy. The expert warns that failing to do so would result in you spreading dirt across the space rather than cleaning it.

Gladys continues by advising you to rinse your mop frequently since once it gets unclean, it will probably leave blotchy stains. Jute string mops and microfiber mops, like this one from Amazon(opens in new tab), are both excellent for cleaning tile floors in home settings, the author continues.

4. Guarantee A Streak-Free Clean For Tile Floors

Cleaning guru Andrew Gaugler from Best of Machinery(opens in new tab) recommends drying your floor with a microfiber cloth to guarantee no water stains are left behind for a streak-free finish. Before applying it, let it thoroughly dry. During the upcoming few days, you can enjoy your streak-free floor, Andrew continues.

The only thing left to do is make an investment in the appropriate tools now that you understand how to clean tile floors.

Will Vinegar Damage Floor Tile?

Use caution while using vinegar to clean floor tiles, as some tiles should not be cleaned with vinegar.

Porcelain and ceramic will not be harmed by vinegar, but natural stone, such as marble, terracotta, or granite, as well as vintage encaustic tiles, may be damaged if vinegar is used as a powerful solution. To obtain a streak-free gloss while washing stone floors and encaustic tiles, you should invest in specialized tile cleaning chemicals.

How Do You Clean Tile Floors To Make Them Shine?

If you are washing porcelain or ceramic floor tiles, mixing 12 cups with 1 liter of warm water will help you get the best sheen. Or you can get a specialized tile cleaner made for your type of tile. Cleaning and wringing the mop as it lifts dirt requires the application of the cleaning solution in a figure-eight motion. After that, use microfiber cloths to buff the floor tiles to a high sheen.

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