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The First Five Things To Do At Your New Home

The First Five Things To Do At Your New Home

You succeeded. Finally, you’ve moved into a new home. What’s next? Even though you might feel like giving up, there are a few crucial (but simple and basic) things to accomplish on day one.

Change The Locks

Since the house is now legally yours, you should secure it (along with everything else you’ve just moved in) by changing the locks on all of the outside doors and making sure that only you and your family have access to the keys. Additionally, you should confirm that all windows and doors can shut tightly.

Locate Fuse Boxes And Water Valves

Although it’s likely you won’t experience a serious emergency the day you move in, you should know where your circuit breaker box and main water valve are in case you need to shut off the water or electricity. You should be aware of which circuit breakers or fuses regulate various areas of your new home and label them accordingly.

Test each one to ensure it is appropriately labeled if they have already been marked. Additionally, you should be aware of how the main water stop valve operates and test it to see if it is working correctly by listening for any flowing water after the valve has been closed. If it isn’t functioning properly, the first thing you should do is call a plumber for a repair.

Be Sure Utilities Are Working And Connect Major Appliances 

Make sure your key utility accounts, such as those for electricity, gas, and water, are active currently if you have had them set up in your name prior to moving. Make sure they are correctly connected whether you have opted to transfer your refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, or dishwasher or if you have purchased new ones for your relocation.

Keep in mind that after relocation, a refrigerator must sit upright in its new kitchen location for at least three full hours before being plugged in and turned on.

This enables the oil that may have gotten into the cooling pipes to go back to the compressor, which is the central component of the cooling system. Also think about setting up cable, phone, and internet as soon as you can.

Take And Inventory And Unpack Essentials

In a perfect world, you would have made a thorough list of everything you packed (possibly numbering your boxes as well as labeling the contents and which room they belong in) and crossed things off as the movers brought things in, supervising the move to ensure that your belongings were handled with care.

Not usually is this feasible. In any event, as soon as the movers are gone, make sure to look over the furniture, electronics, boxes, and other containers for evident evidence of abuse or visible damage.

Write down the exact damage in your inventory list and get in touch with the moving firm if you discover any broken or damaged items. Then take out the necessities, including the bedding and toiletries.

Relax And Enjoy!

Source: Pexel

They provide you with peace of mind when it comes to managing your mortgage so you can concentrate on making your new home your home. They are a lender who is there to you whenever and however you need them.

Perhaps there is no day that is as exhausting and long as moving day. Your bed is the first piece of furniture you should assemble, if necessary. Labeling a couple boxes “Unpack First” or as #1 and #2 is a terrific idea.

Make sure they contain your favorite bed linens, blankets, pillows, towels, pajamas, and robes. Another need for the first day is a toiletries pack. If at all possible, transport these separately from anything else you are relocating by driving or carrying them with you.

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